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Early Education Programs & Services

Early Education Programs & Services

Early Education Teacher Development Grant Program 

Early Education Teacher Development Grant Program 

The Budget Act of 2021 included funding opportunities for workforce development to help increase the pipeline for the early education workforce including a grant called the Early Education Teacher Development Grant. The purpose of this funding is to:
  • Increase the number of highly-qualified California State Preschool Program (CSPP) and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program teachers, and;
  • Increase specific competencies for CSPP, TK, and Kindergarten (K) teachers

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be a credentialed teacher working in Butte County or;
  2. A California State Preschool Program teacher who works directly with children 20 hours per week or supervises staff who work directly with children 20 hours per week for at least 9 months of the year or;
  3. An individual employed by an LEA or childcare facility or a High School Student enrolled in an eligible CTE Pathway seeking to meet the qualifications to work in a CA State Preschool Program or Transitional Kindergarten Program. Please note: Meeting qualifications does not guarantee employment.

Pathway Options

Pathway 1 Pathway 2 Pathway 3 
Pathway 4
Higher Education - Early Education Multiple Subject Credential Professional Development Child Development Permit

Funding Cycles

All coursework and professional development hours and activities must be completed within this timeframe. Reimbursement and stipend paperwork must be submitted no later than April 14th of each year. A new participation application will be required each cycle.

How to Apply

An application is required in order to be considered for participation. If more applications are received then funding available funding will be prioritized for those in the Higher Education Pathway followed by the Professional Learning Pathway.
View the recording from the EETDG Information Session: Complete the online application:EETDG Online Application
You will receive confirmation of pathway placement via email within two weeks of submission. Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis until capacity is reached for each program cycle.
Receipt of EETDG funds may have tax implications, please consult with a tax advisor.
Pathway Option Detail

Pathway Option Detail

Higher Education - Early Education Pathway

This pathway provides an opportunity for those interested in pursuing an AA/BA in Child Development/Early Childhood Education, completing classes to attain or upgrade a child development permit or for individuals who hold their Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and need to satisfy the 24 units of Child Development/Early Childhood Education to teach in a TK classroom.
Requirements Stipend Amounts
Meetings and Education Plan: Meet with an academic advisor at the higher education institution where enrolled and provide a copy of your education plan.

AA/BA Track: Complete coursework as outlined in Education Plan. You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university working on an AA/AS or BA/BS in ECE/CD or taking classes to attain or upgrade your early childhood permit.
24-Unit Track: Complete coursework as outlined in Education Plan. CEUs can not be applied to meet the 24 unit requirement.
Reporting/Documenting: Complete EETDG Stipend Application upon completion of coursework and submit with unofficial transcripts.
Eligible coursework must be completed during the Program cycle and applicants must pass the class(es) with a grade of “C” or better. Copies of unofficial transcripts from accredited educational institutions are required to verify successful completion of the coursework.
Eligible coursework must be unit- bearing and fulfills the requirements for a degree/certificate in Child Development/ECE/TK
Tuition Support Reimbursement: Program will provide up to $560 per year for community college tuition expenses and $2,900 per semester to support tuition expenses at a Receipts and completion of the appropriate paperwork are required to access funding.
Achievement Incentive: Participants will receive $375 for every 3 units completed up to 12 units per program cycle. A program cycle is defined as a fiscal year of July to June.

Multiple Subject Teacher Credential Pathway

This pathway connects individuals seeking to obtain their multiple subject teaching credential with the BCOE Future Educator Support (FES) Program. Individuals will receive individualized advising support, financial assistance/grant navigation, as well as support for test preparation.
Requirements Stipend Amount
After applying to EETD, information will be sent to FES to be connected to an Advisor and additional applications/information may be required.
Financial support and grants for individuals are provided by FES
May include: Reimbursement for tuition, books, credential application, and testing fees.
Example of Grants Available:
            Classified Employee Grant
            FES Teach Grant
            ACCESS Grant

Professional Learning Pathway

This pathway is for individuals interested in building educator competencies in child development/early childhood education subject matter. An individual seeking this pathway may have already satisfied child development permit requirements but needs to maintain the annual 21 hours of professional development required for permit renewal or is a TK/K educator interested in ongoing continuous quality improvement.
Requirements Stipend Amount
Trainings: Hours towards the professional development pathway need to be completed in one or more of the following areas: Inclusion, DLL, SEL, Trauma, Implicit Bias, and Culturally Responsive Instruction.
For CSPP Teachers only: Obtain a Workforce Registry Number, upload trainings to the ECE Workforce Registry, and meet with your Professional Growth Advisor to complete a PG plan.

Reporting/Documenting: Complete EETDG Stipend Application upon completion of coursework and submit training certificates. For CSPP Teachers only submit a printout of the Workforce Registry Profile.
A $250 stipend will be issued for every 8 hours of professional learning completed with a maximum annual cap of $750 per individual. The 8 hours can be accomplished with one stand-alone synchronous training or a series of shorter synchronous/asynchronous training and/or communities of

Permit Pathway

This pathway support individuals to obtain their first-time permit or upgrade their permit to a new level. Those who work or are seeking to work in a CA State Preschool Program (CSPP) should hold their Child Development Permit. For some CSPP contractors, this is required for employment. Individuals teaching in a TK classroom can satisfy the Education Code section 48000(g) requirement by holding a Child Development Teacher Permit in combination with a teaching credential.
Requirements Stipend Amount
Apply: Complete Child Development Permit application for a new permit or upgraded
Reporting/Documenting: Complete EETDG Stipend Application upon receipt of permit to receive stipend
Stipends for permits will be issued for the following Child Development permit levels: Assistant Teacher-
$100, Associate Teacher- $200, Teacher- $300
Master Teacher $400, Site Supervisor
$400, Program Director $500.


Kimberly Nelms - Program Manager
 1870 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965
 Phone: (530) 532-5658
 Fax: (530) 532-5698